Who is Andy Whitlock and how can he help you?


I’m Andy Whitlock, a human.

I help companies like yours to work out what they are, why it matters and how to excite the right people about it.

You’re not short of ideas, but you’re also not certain which ones to build your brand around. I’ll distil the essence of your brand from the noise. A bit like this:


I do all the things that come to mind when you think of brand strategy and a few that probably don’t. Like developing tools with your product team so everything you make and do tells the same story.

All so you can earn a special place in people’s minds.


In the words of my clients…

“Most people in the brand world complicate things, but Andy has a Knack for simplifying them.”
— Kieran O'Neill, Founder and CEO Thread
“Andy’s desire to create tangible and impactful outcomes for our business was as high as my own as the founder. Rare to find with any partner.”
— Bethany Koby, CEO Tech Will Save Us
“Andy got under the skin of our brand with staggering speed. He brought clarity to our brand strategy and explored its application with real inspiration and creativity. I don’t know how he does it.”
— Ben Farren, Founder and CEO Spoke

Ben told me he’d had a glass of red wine before writing that last one, which is worth bearing in mind.

Head to my testimonials page to read more alcohol-fuelled endorsements. Or if you’d rather find out what I can do for you, hit the button below.